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"Where Can You Donate Your Clothes, Kid's Toys, and Home Goods in Kalamazoo?"

So, you’ve taken the step to simplify your home and now you have boxes of clothing or home goods. With our professional organizing services, our goal is to help you declutter your home so that you can live an organized and stress-free life. Reducing the amount of stuff in our closets, kitchens, storage rooms, and other spaces makes it so much easier to maintain an organized home.

After we help you simplify your home and coach you to keep only the things you truly need and love, we will assist you in identifying a local nonprofit to donate your gently used clothing and home goods.

From women's shelters to children's advocacy to re-stores, The Kalamazoo area has many wonderful non-profit organizations. It can be challenging to know which ones are accepting donations and how to find a list of options. There may also be some organizations that you have never heard of on this list that really resonate with you, which is why we are curating a list of local donation centers to help make it easier for you to connect with the community and 'give back'.

This is an active list, and we welcome any new additions. If you know of a local donation center that we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to email us and let us know at Click the link below to view our list.

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