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Home and Small Business Organizing

Serving Kalamazoo and our surrounding communities


Simply Sorted is a local, sister-owned business specializing in home and small business organization. We have a passion for implementing custom organizational systems in your home that work for you and your family. We offer practical, judgement-free, home organizing solutions that are tailored to fit your family's needs and lifestyle.​ 

We know you can do it, but we take the stress out of starting (and finishing!) your home organizing projects. Spend your weekends doing the things that you love and let us do the organizing.

Our Process



We will take out every single item in the space and separate the things that can be relocated and donated.


Each item is categorized and we plan out how your space will function. We take measurements and recommend organizing products to match your home aesthetic and goals.


Implementing your new system and adding custom labels will help you and your family maintain your organized home. We will give you maintenance tips so your home will not just get organized, but it will stay organized!

Contact Us Today

Schedule a quick phone call to discuss our services. We can't wait to get to know you!

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